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Download the PDF here. SITTING ON THE BALCONY, THE SUN SETTING ACROSS the Golden Horn, behind the ancient landmark of the Galata Tower, overlooking the vast Bosphorus Strait, I watch the oil tankers gliding down from Odessa and the Black Sea to the Mediterranean, pleasure boats bobbing aimlessly and ferries tacking across the vast channel. With Asia

In Search of Spices – a Keralan Journey

Download the PDF here. It is said that seafarers could smell the scent of spice on the warm trade winds as they neared the coast of Cochin. Kerala’s history is infused with the legacy of its spices, the lure of which attracted traders to the southeastern tip of India where its ports bustled with Chinese, Greek, Arab, Syrian and Jewish merchants; where

Tiny Noticeable Touches –
An interview with Bea Tollman, Founder and President of Red Carnation Hotels.

Download the article in PDF here. With the over-emphasis on luxury travel, social networking and haute cuisine these days, it’s easy to imagine an owner and founder of a successful global hotel empire as an international jetsetter caught up in the accoutrements of the industry. Someone who is constantly quaffing Champagne, tasting titbits, booking spa appointments, hopping from hotel to hotel, seemingly myopic


Download the article in PDF here. WE WERE GLIDING SLOWLY THROUGH A TRANQUIL, mesmerising wilderness, lulled by the reflection of a winter watercolour blue sky above and a deep blue below. Winter n the Zambezi River is predictably pristine: perfectly stable 28-degree blue-sky days. It is impossible not to dream. From our canoe everything was magnified. The banks of the river were