Souvenir is a niche destination travel specialist that delivers bespoke travel solutions to India and Africa.

It comprises :

Narratives – travel journalism, including commissioned assignments and travel guides.

Journeys – the bespoke planning and delivery of memorable, authentic, tailored travel experiences to both India and Africa.


Who we are.


David - Cochin, Kerala, India









Forever passionate about travel, David grew up in Durban on the sub-tropical East coast of Africa, where the warm Indian ocean current mingles with Zulu, Indian, British and colonial influences. A childhood of soccer, surfing and rugby matches, and climbing mahogany, mango and lychee trees, he feels equally at home in an Indian bazaar as he does in the African bush.

David qualified and trained as a lawyer but his true love was history which endured and easily won out. After an exciting few years in the dotcom sector in London, David took a year long backpacking trip through Asia and consolidated his love for the East, returning home to further his career in media and technology and renewable energy start-ups. From a burning desire to be out on the road and immersed in the other, he started writing.

An accomplished traveller and travel writer, he has written for the leading US Travel Guide Frommers, for both their Southern African and India editions, and has been published in the New York Times Travel and on Frommers.com. He is a regular feature travel writer for South Africa’s leading monthly publications, including the award-winning Wanted, part of the business daily Business Day, and has written for a number of other online and print publications.

David’s mission is to share with you the diversity of destinations, cultures, history, architecture and hospitality in Asia and Africa. His focus is on itineraries that impart distinctive cultural, historic or environmental interest and experiences.



Melisa - Cochin, Kerala, India









Melisa is a Cape Town native whose Dad promised her a plane ticket to the unknown when she turned 18. Born at the foot of Table Mountain and always sure that she lived in the world’s most beautiful city, she nevertheless set out to confirm it.

She spent a year travelling South America from Buenos Aires to Salta, Cuzco to Tumbes and then back through the Pantanal, North East to Olinda, via Rio de Janeiro and Curitiba to Buenos Aires. Inspired by an easy ability to adapt and learn new languages (and endure long, dusty bus rides) she worked in Southern Africa as a tour guide traveling from Cape Town up through Namibia, Botswana and arriving at the majestic Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.

Further inspired by a lifelong dream to learn French and live in Paris she spent a year learning the beautiful language and teaching English at Societe General. Her next great ambition, to be a chef, brought her  home to Cape Town, where she trained with Garth Stroebel and Paul Hartmann at South African Chefs Academy, and finally opened her own restaurant in the heart of the city, Gusto Cafeteria.

In India she has traveled extensively in Rajasthan, and Kerala, experiencing first hand the beautiful establishments that we recommend to you.

Cape Town is an integral part of the wonderful legacy that is the Spice Route, and is experienced in our unique Cape Malay cuisine and different cultures that settled in Africa. Melisa has spice in her blood and feels a strong call to India and the East. Food, History and Humanity are irresistibly interesting to her and she combines these passions and talents in Souvenir to ensure you have unforgettable travel memories.