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In Search of Spices – a Keralan Journey

Download the PDF here. It is said that seafarers could smell the scent of spice on the warm trade winds as they neared the coast of Cochin. Kerala’s history is infused with the legacy of its spices, the lure of which attracted traders to the southeastern tip of India where its ports bustled with Chinese, Greek, Arab, Syrian and Jewish merchants; where

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  Aside from being experienced travellers to the destinations you are visiting and being passionate about what we do, one of our greatest joys is to share the delights that we have experienced. And then there’s the following:   1. Souvenir Journeys is a growing collection of the finest boutique residences and experiences throughout India and Africa and are

Journeys Rajasthan

Villager, Bhilwara Traveling between Jaipur & Udaipur Shahpura Bagh Located precisely midway between Jaipur and Udaipur, this peaceful 45-acre wooded estate is one of our favourite destinations in Rajasthan. Beautifully appointed and set in a lush, verdant, estate, 800 square miles of which was originally gifted in 1630 to the present owners’ forebears by the Mughal Emperor

Journeys Rajasthan

Outside Deogarh en route to Fort Seengh Sagr, Rajasthan Rajasthan Itinerary Rajasthan has so much to see, with long travel distances between top sites, that a trip here requires careful planning (particularly if you hire a car and driver, which is the best way to tour the state). The following overview can help you plan your itinerary.

Gujarat, Diu

Diu: a world apart Set apart, but infrastructurally attached to, the southern tip of Saurashtra, and perhaps symbolizing its multi-cultural history, the charming if neglected island of Diu is a welcome stop over but hardly a seaside destination in its own right – at least not for westerners. Governed from Delhi, with the other Union Territory of

Gujarat, Kutch/Kachch

KUTCH /KUCHCHH / KACHCHH Rabari maiden, Gora Ben Sawabhai, Ludiya, Kachch The untamed, wild west of Gujarat is bounded on its north and east by marshy salt flats and desert scrub (the Ranns, Greater and Little) and on the southwest by the Gulf of Kutch and the Arabian Sea, the province of Kutch is a distinct realm

Gujarat Itinerary in Detail

Day 1. AHMEDABAD – PALITANA 239 km (Appx four hours drive) Ahmedabad: In the morning, take the Heritage Walk in the walled city of Ahmedabad. This organized walking tour is a great way to see the historic Swaminarayan Temple, exquisitely carved Jain and Hindu temples, ornate wooden havelis and the traditional lifestyle of the dwellers of the old

Gujarat Itineraries

Planning your Gujarat Trip: Special Interest Itineraries Gujarat’s uniqueness resides in its culture and history and it is advised to follow a specific itinerary that is aligned to your interests. Due to its poor infrastructure, distances and heavy industrial freight on the roads it is advised to pick out a particular interest, plan it and go enjoy

An Aravali Ramble

If you intend to lock in the rustic beauty and pastoral tranquility of the ancient Aravalli Hills and its folk, it is advised to plan your itinerary accordingly and overnight at properties that extend this theme and are not diluted by the chaos and noise of the larger towns or tourist groups. Even the small towns, whilst charming, can sometimes